Multi-Year Accessibility Plan


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was enacted in 2005 with the goal of transforming Ontario into an accessible, barrier-free province by 2025. Under the AODA, public sector organizations must complete accessibility reports every two (2) years. It is the duty of every government agency to be an exemplar for the change prescribed within the AODA and Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR). 

iGaming Ontario’s Accessibility Plan and Policies are developed in accordance with the IASR under the AODA.  The Accessibility Plan and Policies outline iGaming Ontario’s commitment and strategy to prevent and remove barriers, improve opportunities for internal stakeholders and the public with disabilities and address the current and future requirements of the AODA.  iGaming Ontario will conduct a review of our accessibility policies as part of a broader commitment to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Ongoing compliance with the AODA and IASR is a corporate priority for iGaming Ontario, and we are committed to making all communications and publications accessible.   

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Statement of Commitment

iGaming Ontario believes strongly in upholding the rights of Ontarians with disabilities and is committed to embedding accessibility within our services and employment practices.  We are committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity.   

iGaming Ontario has developed core values which underpin our commitment to accessibility and continuous improvement: 

  • Fun: We facilitate new and exciting entertainment choices for players. 

  • Respect: We promote responsible gaming, value diversity, equity and inclusion, and treat one another with respect. 

  • Empowerment: We enable innovation and speed to market by reducing red tape and leveraging private sector expertise. 

  • Excellence: We create a culture of constant reflection and continuous improvement. 

Accessibility Maturity Model

iGaming Ontario is a new organization.  We have been establishing measures to be compliant with legislation and aspire to developing our accessibility measures beyond this baseline.  

Initiatives and Outcomes

This section outlines a high-level overview of initiatives for this period, organized by IASR regulation, as well as desired outcomes for each. 


iGaming Ontario is committed to enabling accessibility within its procurement processes. We will continually evaluate and update our procurement processes as needed. 

Outcomes: iGaming Ontario will consider how to proactively address accessibility as we design our “steady state” procurement processes.   


iGaming Ontario will provide initial training, and ongoing training as required under the IAS.  

Training will be provided on: 

  • The requirements of the IAS and our policy. 

  • iGaming Ontario’s obligations under the Human Rights Code as they relate to a person with a disability. 

iGaming Ontario will ensure training is provided to all persons to whom its policy applies as soon as practicable after the person is hired or otherwise retained. On-going training will also occur as changes are made to the policy. 

Outcomes: iGaming Ontario employees will understand how they are able to contribute to making the workplace more accessible for each other, and our customers.  

Customer Service 

iGaming Ontario strives to provide an accessible customer service experience. iGaming Ontario is committed to ensuring its customer service practices respect the dignity and independence of persons with a disability. iGaming Ontario also strives to ensure a person with a disability is able to access iGaming Ontario’s services and facilities and receive the same benefit from those goods, services and facilities as any other member of the public. 

Outcomes: iGaming Ontario will consider how to proactively address accessibility as we design our “steady state” customer engagement processes.   

Information and Communication 

iGaming Ontario will ensure that a person with a disability has access to the information they should have as consumers, and shareholders in a government business enterprise. Included in this:    

iGaming Ontario will ensure, where practicable, any website or content on that site(s) conforms with WCAG 2.0 Level AA to the extent required by the IAS. 

iGaming Ontario’s process for receiving and responding to feedback is accessible to a person with a disability by providing or arranging for the provision of Accessible Formats and Communications Supports, upon request.  

iGaming Ontario will provide any emergency plans, procedures, or public safety information that it makes available to the public in an Accessible Format or with appropriate Communication Supports upon request and as soon as practicable. 

Outcomes: iGaming Ontario will continue to consider how to embed accessibility into the ways it communicates with the public, and internally. 


  • iGaming Ontario will notify the public and employees of the availability of accommodation during the recruitment process. 

  • iGaming Ontario will inform its employees of its policies on supporting an employee with a disability, including, but not limited to, its policy on the provision of job accommodation that takes into account an employee’s accessibility needs due to disability. 

  • Upon the request of an employee with a disability, iGaming Ontario will provide or arrange for the provision of Accessible Formats and Communication Supports to ensure information required by the employee to perform his or her job and information generally available to an employee in the workplace is accessible to the employee with a disability. 

  • iGaming Ontario will review the individualized workplace emergency response information when (i) the employee moves to a different work location, (ii) the employee’s overall accommodation needs or plans are reviewed, and/or (iii) iGO reviews its general emergency response policies. 

Outcomes: iGaming Ontario will continue to promote an accessible environment for prospective and existing employees. 

Questions about this plan 

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